summer smoothie bowl


Ich habe vor fast einem Jahr schon ein Rezept für eine Smoothie Bowl gepostet und seitdem probiere ich mich durch alle möglichen Kombinationen. Ich glaube, dass ich sagen kann, dass ich eine extrem leckere Kombi gefunden habe: Beeren, Mango, Banane,… yaaaas! 😍 Weiterlesen „summer smoothie bowl“

smoothie bowl // raw vegan


Today I decided to go for something raw for breakfast, because I read some stuff on raw till4 and raw veganism and I think this topic is really interesting. There are some people who only eat raw (= not cooked) food, because they think that, if you cook veg and fruit, you loose a lot of the vitamins. I do not plan (at the moment. Because you know- never say never!) to go fully raw but I could eat one raw meal a day or raw on saturdays or raw till4 or something like that. I’ll try the raw thing from today on and I’ll tell you how it’s going!

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