October came and went so fast, I haven’t even had enough time to think about or even write this blogpost. So- currently sitting in the motel one hotel lounge Berlin, I am typing the October post for you before I’m going to head out and explore the city (and its FOOD). Enjoy :)

  1. Time and time management: Since I’ve been to England last year and therefore haven’t learned that much the whole year (I mean seriously: If your grades do not count: Why on earth would you learn?!), the difference between 10th and 11th grade felt enormous. Teachers expect from you, that you are perfectly prepared for their lesson every time and tend to forget that we have, unlike them, more than one or two different subjects. So if we’d do it like they expect us to do, we’d have to learn at least half an hour for each subject, which makes about 2 1/2 hours a day. When I come home from school at about 4pm, I would learn till 6:30pm and then eat dinner and go to bed. This does not work like that though: I don’t know about you, but when I come home from school, I just want to chill for a bit before I start to learn. And I have training about 6 times a week, so if I’d go to all of them, I could quit school completely. But if I’d learn as much as I should, I could quit training completely. Last month was a constant try to balance these two out which honestly didn’t go too well. Sorry for not posting that much, I’ll try to improve on that in November!
  2. Niall Horan from One Direction went solo and we already have the first song which is soo perfect!! Drop everything and go and listen HERE!! (Do I have to point out that this was the song I listened most? Probably not)

    4. The work at the bakery is so much fun! I can’t even wait to get there again. Even though I do not actually have time to work, I still love it. And I’m earning money, so it’s basically perfect! <3

    I’m so sorry that I’m not able to say that much about October, but I just haven’t had the time to do cool stuff. It’ll get better next month, I promise!!

Anna xx


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