Hi! Long time no see (or read), right? I know, I know, I’m so sorry!

School started and since I’m in eleventh grade now, things got more stressful and way more serious. Teachers always go on about how important everything is now and that every grade you get counts for your Abitur.

But anyway, here is my September:

  1. My Birthday! I turned 16 on the seventh and had a lovely day in Palma de Mallorca. My birthdays in the past few years weren’t always filled with happiness and joy because I expected something special, which didn’t occur. This year I just lived the day like every other and it was wonderful.
  2. School. It seems so different now than all the other years because I was able to choose the subjects I want to have (or rather skip the ones I don’t like) and that makes the school day way more interesting. I don’t have a group of people with whom I have every lesson with anymore, instead, I have every lesson with different people. I’m even motivated to learn and do my homework and stuff like that! I don’t really think that will last but let’s see.
  3. Training. I technically have training six times a week and last week I went to five of them. It’s very relaxing and a nice counterpart to school, even though I come home, eat and sleep and don’t have any time for basically anything anymore (like my blog). But I’ll try, okay?
  4. Work. I started to work in a bakery/ cafe two weeks ago and I really like to work there! Okay- I’ve only been there twice but I wasn’t bored or something like that through the whole work day. And I’m soon gonna be able to buy a few things I’ve wanted for a long time! (Blender- I’m on my way!!!)


This has not a thing to do with September, but today is my first blog birthday! I haven’t taken it very seriously sometimes, haven’t posted on a regular basis and not as often as I would like to. But this blog should be something that I would like to do, not something I’d have to force me to do, right? Still: I’m going to try to upload more diverse posts and more content in general.


// October: Magnus Chase II! (Already preordered. Because why wouldn’t one do that. The book is great. Go and read the first one if you haven’t already) //


The song I listened most to in September was Home Again by Michael Kiwanuka. Go and have a listen if you want to :)


Anna xx




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