Magnus Chase // Rick Riordan


I read two books while I was in Mallorca and ‚Magnus Chase – The sword of summer‘ was one of them. And since I really enjoyed writing the review on ‚carol‘, I decided to do one on Magnus Chase as well!

rick-riordan-magnus-chase-and-the-gods-of-asgard-seriesOn his sixteenth birthday he meets his uncle who he hasn’t talked to for years and this uncle tells Marcus that the Norse Mythology is real and that Marcus father is a nordic god called Frey.
Magnus didn’t believe him at first but after he gets attacked by a fire giant, dies and waked up in nordic afterlife called ‚Valhalla‘, he doesn’t really have any other choice but roll with it. Oh – and save the world.

And we died again. Haha- just kidding this time!




Riordans style of writing is absolutely great: He finds the right balance of humor, adventure and excitement. I wasn’t realizing how funny his book are till I read Magnus Chase, which was maybe because I read Percy Jackson in German. There you go: Another reason to read book in the original language – Stuff like humor doesn’t just get lost! From the names of the chapters to the dialogues between Magnus and himself, everything was perfect.

I absolutely loved that book and I cant wait for the second book to come out in October!! Btw: Magnus CHASE!? Like Annabeth CHASE?! OMG please make this happen!!

While I’m waiting for the second book, I am going to start his other series, Heroes of Olympus and the Kane Chronicles, which I haven’t read for whatever reason. I’m very exited and I’m obviously going to read them in English again, because duh. It’s just better.

Have you read Magnus Chase already? If not: What the hell is stopping you?!

Anna xx


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