15 things I loved while I was 15

Hello wonderful people on this wonderful day!

Today is the 7th of September which means it’s my birthday!! I don’t want to do a boring ‚what I got for my birthday‘ but I wanted to do something, so here you go: these are the 15 things I loved while I was fifteen!!



—  r a n d o m    o r d e r  —

1.) England

As you probably already know: I lived in England for 7 months and it was one of the best things EVER. I can’t believe that it has already been over a year since I left. Wow. In case you want to know more: I have several posts about England on my blog, you can read them if you want to :)


2.) The english language

Before England I actually hated English and the subject in school and everything about it basically. But then I came back and (as you may realize) I LOVE english now.I actually do. I love how it sounds and the way you can say things. I love to write english and I definitely prefer to read English books than German ones. I sometimes think in conversations (don’t laugh) and these are mostly English too.


3.) Blogging

This blog has existed for 11 months now and I can’t believe it had already been that long. I love to share my thoughts with the world and I’m very happy that there are people who actually like the stuff on this website. Thank you!!


4.) Veganism

I went vegan about 4 months ago and it was a great decision. I feel better, the food tastes heavenly and I don’t miss a thing. Perfection.


5.) Yoga

I’ve been doing yoga for about 2 months every evening now (okay nearly) and I absolutely love it. Its very calming and tough at the same time. If you think its easy, then please just go. Thanks. Or try it.


6.) Eco Clothes

After watching a documentary about how jeans are produced in November last year, I decided to stop buying ’normal‘ clothes. I still did though. But then I went vegan and remembered the documentary and I decided to try it again. It works quite well, but I still have to buy ’normal‘ stuff sometimes because either there is no eco version or its too expensive or I just need something right now and the eco stored don’t have it in stock. But I’m trying to buy Eco as often as possible!


7.) Cooking

I always liked cooking, but since I went vegan I cook a lot more and I really like it! I have loads of pinboards on pinterest with recipes I want to try and I’m very curious about how the food will taste :)


8.) School

Don’t run. Please. I started to like school after England. Don’t ask me why or how.


9.) One Direction

If you’re finally prepared to run and hide far away from me: Please give me a chance to explain. Okay – so one day I was on youtube watching normal videos and I clicked one the next one on the right side, on the next one, on the next one and I ended up on Larry Stylinson proof videos. If you’re just looking at your screen wondering what the hell is going on with me or if I made a typo, then relax, I’ll explain. There are (quite a lot) of people in the One Direction Fandom who believe that Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson are gay and a couple. Let me say it with Dan’s words: ‚One Direction have like 3 million twitter followers & of those 80% probably believe more in Larry than they might in Jesus‘ Here is the video. If you want to, you can go on youtube and type in ‚Larry Proof‘ or something like that but ONLY do that if you think you’re emotionally stable enough to do so. Don’t come to me in about three days, with dark rings under your eyes and a broken heart and blame me for all of this. I warned you.


10.) Monocrome / Minimalism

I love black and white everything, rooms with just a few things in it and to look at these things on the internet. Don’t get me wrong, I do not think I’m a minimalist and I don’t plan to be one, but I still really like how it looks.


11.) Pinterest

Pinterest is my life. I have pinboards about everything and I could easily spent three hours on the website. Trust me. It happened already.


12.) Fanfictions

These Larry shippers I told you about write stories. But not just random stories, nope. Stories about Harry and Louis in every life situation you can imagine. And socially awkward lonely poor people like me read them. Because its just asdfghjkl. There is just no word that summes up how much I love to read these. (I have exactly 125 on my Laptop. Is something wrong with me? Definitely. Do I care? no.


13.) Playing the guitar

I started to play about two months ago and I really like it. Its not as hard as piano (what I played before) and I like the fact that you can just google lyrics and cords from any song you like and you’re able to start singing. Sorry @everybody who has to listen to me singing. *Oops*


14.) Meeting new old people

When I came back from England I found new friends in people that I already knew before but never really got to do something with them. Or just random people in school which I knew were there and I new their name but I’ve never talked to them. I wouldn’t really consider all of them as „friends“ but who knows whats going to happen in the future, right?


15.) Working

I started to work when I was 13 and I’ve had a couple of jobs since then. I love to work, to earn my own money and to be able to buy stuff that I worked hard for. The feeling of buying something you wanted to have for a long time from money you worked for is indescribable.


The song I listened most to while I was fifteen was ‚drag me down‘ by One Direction.

I’m gonna go now, the beach is calling!

Anna xx



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