Summer holidays always begin with the first of August where I live which means that August basically means summer to me. Well – it should be summer but it was raining a lot, so I didn’t really enjoy it that much. I enjoyed other things though, which I’ll list now!

1.) Aliana, a friend from England visited me for a week and it was awesome to meet her again. We were tourists in my own city which was a strange but very interesting experience. I was kinda sacred to combine my two worlds, but it played out okay. My family thought she is kinda strange but I did expect that, so that was fine. I’m very happy that England did not really end with my flight back home, but that we still have contact.

2.) I went to Dortmund to meet two perf people I met because of England, Francis and M. I was very happy to see them again and my worries if we would still get on well were unnecessary, we met at the train station and it just clicked again. Love you both :*



3.) I FINALLY bought a camera, after I wanted to have one for about two years. I finally decided to get the SONY α6000 and I’m very happy with it. Which means: You’ll get better pictures and my blog finally looks better!

4.) I tried raw till4 but stopped after 4 days because its just not possible for me. I was bored of salads and raw fruit after about 3 times and craved bread. I may try it again some other time, or I just do one raw day a week or just when I feel like it.

5.) I watched the 7th Star Wars movie in cinemas around christmas without seeing the others before and I really liked it eventhough I did not get most of it. I watched one to six with Aliana and they are perfect. Just perfect. I’m not too deep in the fandom (yet!) but I expect it to happen. Aliana and I had a few moments where we were just laying next to each other giving our souls to tumblr.  #larry #finnxpoe

6.) I wrote my first book review about „Carol“ by  Patricia Highsmith, check it out if you want to :)


How is your summer? Have you made holidays somewhere? I’m gonna go to Mallorca today, so maybe I’ll be on the plane or already there when you read this! I’m very exited and my mum does not talk about anything else :D

Anna xx



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