Magnus Chase // Rick Riordan


I read two books while I was in Mallorca and ‚Magnus Chase – The sword of summer‘ was one of them. And since I really enjoyed writing the review on ‚carol‘, I decided to do one on Magnus Chase as well!

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15 things I loved while I was 15

Hello wonderful people on this wonderful day!

Today is the 7th of September which means it’s my birthday!! I don’t want to do a boring ‚what I got for my birthday‘ but I wanted to do something, so here you go: these are the 15 things I loved while I was fifteen!! Weiterlesen „15 things I loved while I was 15“



Summer holidays always begin with the first of August where I live which means that August basically means summer to me. Well – it should be summer but it was raining a lot, so I didn’t really enjoy it that much. I enjoyed other things though, which I’ll list now!

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