1 year ago // England

Hi! 1 Year ago I woke up at 3am, exited to get to the airport to fly to London. It was my first flight without my parents; I flew with a wonderful person called Francis to London to start my adventure.

I did not realize I was in England until I got used to living there. Everybody else got really exited the nearer the day we left came but I just did not realize that I was actually going.


I learned so much in these 7 Months, it’s more than I ever imagined:

I learned that not every family lives there life like mine in Germany does.

I learned that school is not something bad, its actually quite fun.

I learned that even if you don’t like people from the first sight they can become your best friends.

I learned that different is everything but weird and boring.

I learned that English is such a cool language compared to German.

I learned that homosexuality is something completely normal and a very normal thing; that normal people can have normal feelings towards every kind of other normal people.

I learned that  – just because you thought something is uncool and stupid because you heard that it is – it doesn’t have to be.

I learned that my „friends“ at home are partly not really my friends.

I learned that it doesn’t matter what others think about the stuff you do. You’ll find other others who like to do these things with you.

I learned that you’ll never gonna find the adventures you’re dreaming of in your bed if you don’t leave it.

I learned that even though you feel like something is useless while you do it, its not. Most of the time.

I learned that things that seem very important and a reason to start a fight – are not.

I learned that every thing you buy was built by someone and there were people involved to produce it. It does not just appear.



I would definitely pack my stuff and leave right now if somebody would offer me to go again, and this was not the first time, I promise!!


Anna xx



2 Kommentare zu „1 year ago // England“

  1. ich hätte gerne die Blogs in Deutsch, da ich ein Buch über Schüleraustausch schreiben möchte, sammle ich alles was ich dazu bekommen kann. Es ist im Rahmen meiner Norbert-Serie.
    Vielen Dank.

    LG Karin Goller

    Gefällt mir

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