smoothie bowl // raw vegan


Today I decided to go for something raw for breakfast, because I read some stuff on raw till4 and raw veganism and I think this topic is really interesting. There are some people who only eat raw (= not cooked) food, because they think that, if you cook veg and fruit, you loose a lot of the vitamins. I do not plan (at the moment. Because you know- never say never!) to go fully raw but I could eat one raw meal a day or raw on saturdays or raw till4 or something like that. I’ll try the raw thing from today on and I’ll tell you how it’s going!


Oh and btw: I am gonna use Instagram again, so if you want to have a look I’d be very happy :) @bisschenglueckblog

Okay and now: Lets get stared with the FOOOOD!

You need:

1 banana
1 plum
2 nectarines
different toppings

Just blend the fruit together, put the mixture in a bowl or a jar and top with everything you have! I used coconut chips, cacao nibs, blueberries and chia seeds. Enjoy!!

Hope you like it (in case you tried it) and if you haven’t tried it yet: DO IT!!

Anna xx


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