Hi people in and around this world!

My July was very short but contained every kind of feelings. So lets get started!


1.) Athletics

I’ve finished my 10th year of school yesterday and the next two years will be a little different than I am used to because I am able to choose subjects. I chose PE and now I’m very motivated to do a lot of sports. My mum even told me to give my body a break  (Louis reference but nobody will understand it so plz just ignore these brackets) (I’ve never said that I’m normal) but I don’t care I just really want to do sport right now. Anywaays, I started to do Athletics regularly and it’s a lot of fun!!


2.) Running

Same reason as (1), I really want to do sports and yeah, I’ve been running. I know. Me and running. I used to hate it. I just couldn’t understand why people would spend time of their lives just running in a circle/ back and forth just for the sake of it. But I get it now: It’s actually quite relaxing because you don’t have to think that much and at the same time you know that you’re doing something good for your body. It’s also satisfying to see the time and distance you ran in a app or on a watch! I use runkeeper but it doesn’t really matter how you measure your stats as long as you do it because as I just said: Its satisfying and you will also see how you improved over time!


3.) Death

My grandma died at the 10th. My parents, my sister and I visited her the day before because the doctor knew (don’t ask me how he could know that) that she will die the day after so we were able to say goodbye. I don’t know if she realized we were there because she wasn’t mentally there but I still feel better about it because she didn’t just leave and I could prepare myself. I cried a lot – especially at the funeral- but when should you have a better reason to cry, right? #rip


4.) End of Year Ten

My tenth year of school ended and I became more and more sad thorough the day and ended up crying in my bed at the evening. I really liked the last weeks of school and I was very sad that this is over now and that I’m not gonna see all the people in school for 6 weeks. But hey- I have 6 weeks time to do whatever I want!


The song I listened most to was: Lost boy by Ruth B


Have a great August!

Anna xx




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