I can’t believe it, half of the year is over! I remember new year like it was yesterday!! And on the other hand: England seems such a long time ago but it’s only been 3 Months! Time is such an incredible and confusing thing… Anyways, this was my June:


1.) Geography. I used to hate Geography as a subject in school but I chose it in England and since then I absolutely love it! I expected to hate it again when I came home but I still like it, it’s so interesting!

2.) Suits! I started  to watch this series called ’suits‘ at the start of the month because of a recommendation and its great! I haven’t watched that much jet because I don’t want to spent too much time on my laptop but I will definitely keep on watching it!!

3.) My new trousers from a brand called ‚Armedangels‘. They only produce fair clothes, which means the workers get enough money, there are no health and safety problems and the fabric they use is mostly recycled. My tousers as an example ore made of Lyocell which is made of wood.


I read a book called „boy meets boy“ by David Levithan in June. It’s basically about a boy and his love problems but kinda different than all the other love stories I used to read. First of all: Its about a gay boy. Secondly: There is a story in the book, but you don’t just read the book for its story but for phrases and words as well. Levithan puts quotes about stuff you can compare your situation to into in the book and he lets the characters think, which I really like. A few of my favorite quotes from the book are:

If there is no feeling of fear, then there is no need for courage.
I already know that Tony won't give me any advice about what to do with Noah or Joni or Kyle. It's not that he doesn't care (I'm sure he does). He just likes people to do their own thing.
Self-esteem can be so exhausting. I want to cut my hair, change my clothes, erase the pimple from the near-tip of my nose and strengthen my upper-arm definition, all in the next hour. But I can't do that because (a) it's impossible, and (b) if I make any of these changes, Noah will notice that I've changed and I don't want him to know how into him I am.

The song I listened to most was ‚Boys in the streets‘ by Greg Holden. Its about a gay boy and his relationship with his father and how difficult it is to be accepted. I really like the lyrics but the melody is great as well. You should give it a listen!

I hope your June was great and your July will be even more great!



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