I know, I kind of didn’t write a post about April last month, but I couldn’t really think about anything to write about. I think its okay to skip a month because its my blog and that means I can do whatever I want to do, right?

Anyways, here is my May post :)



  1. SUMMER! I love sun, warm temperatures, I just get really happy when its warm outside. There weren’t that many warm days in Munich in May but I used the days we had well. I hope ;) I went to a lake one day and it was so cool, I just lay on the meadow and slept and read and just relaxed.
  2. Redecorating my room! I love to read interior blogs and look for inspiring pictures and I love to rearrange the furniture in my room, so I did that this month. I went to IKEA and got a very cool big mirror and a new desk which look great in my room.
  3. Minimalism. This works well with number two: I tried to throw away all the clutter and rubbish in my room which I just do not use. I am definitely not finished yet, but my room looks a lot better now. My sister started to tell me, that there will be nothing left when I’m finished but I don’t think so. We’ll see :)
  4. Book about diet. No not cookbooks, I mean books about health and stuff. I have an endless list with books I want to read, but the library doesn’t have all of them so I have to buy a few. grr. Well- I got some which I’m really exited to read.
  5. My new water bottle by 24bottles. It’s white and black (minimalism!) and very cool. And its good for the environment so thats another good reason to buy it. Do you use plastic bottles or do you have a different bottle like I do?
  6. YOGA! I started to do videos by ‚Yoga with Adriane‘ on youtube and I really like it! I love the ‚me-time‘ and to be just able to relax completely and that I don’t have to think about anything while I do the session.
  7. Playing the guitar. I started about two months back and I think its great. I used to play the piano but stopped because I haven’t had the motivation to practice anymore but now I’m really motivated and I love to sit down and play my songs :)

The song I listened most to in May was ‚History‘ by ‚One Direction‘. And no- I’m not ashamed. Everybody can listen to whatever they want right? Btw: When and why did One Direction get that „Omg its so not cool to like them“ image?

I wish you all a very happy June!



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