Why I love to read books


When I was younger, I read a lot. A LOT. Like a book a day. Or more. But then about a year ago I just stopped, I lost interest and started to watch series and movies instead of reading.

While I was in England I read a few books, maybe about three, but THEN I found fanfictions. I know, I know these aren’t exactly books but they still count. And I do have loads of books on the shelf next to where I’m sitting at the moment, but I kind of want to wait for the perfect moment to start reading them. I have a few magazines lying around as well but there wasn’t the perfect moment yet. I don’t know if that makes any sense and let’s be honest, it probably doesn’t.

But anyways, here are the reasons why I love reading:


I like, that I know that at the end of the day I will just lay down and read my book (or fan fiction if that matters) and am just going to be able to relax. It is very calming that, you know, even if you’re sitting in a classroom and have to learn the difference between a gerund and a gerundive (I know. I know.) you still know that you are going to read later and that all this would not matter anymore.

Which brings me to my next reason: Nothing that happens around you matters anymore. I am able to sink into the book and just dive into the story, the characters and the world they live in. When I’m stressed from the people around me I just take my book and disconnect from the real world. It’s very relaxing, try it :)

You learn stuff. I don’t know if its really true what I was told as I was younger; that reading helps you to write stuff by yourself, but even if that is not true, you still learn other things. Did you know, that all the pictures (well, most of them) which we see in the magazines are staged? Like- management calls paps, celebrity is told where he/she has to be and when and they KNOW that there are paps taking pictures of them. Well, I didn’t know that. Or maybe I’m just too trusting but at least I know it now. Thanks, Larry :)


Are you one of those people who think the same way about books like I do or are you one of a ‚just nerds are reading I’m too cool for that‘ kinda person? I would love to know!






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