Why I love to read books


When I was younger, I read a lot. A LOT. Like a book a day. Or more. But then about a year ago I just stopped, I lost interest and started to watch series and movies instead of reading.

While I was in England I read a few books, maybe about three, but THEN I found fanfictions. I know, I know these aren’t exactly books but they still count. And I do have loads of books on the shelf next to where I’m sitting at the moment, but I kind of want to wait for the perfect moment to start reading them. I have a few magazines lying around as well but there wasn’t the perfect moment yet. I don’t know if that makes any sense and let’s be honest, it probably doesn’t.

But anyways, here are the reasons why I love reading:

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// spicy tomato soup //

Hey guys :)

First things first: English. I love the language since I’ve been in England and everything sounds so much better. I don’t think the words I use are too difficult so hopefully everybody can understand it. I just feel the English vibe right now, you know? So why not :) I just really miss speaking English and I don’t really have somebody to speak English to so I’m just going to use this blog as my english practice. Forgive me for all the mistakes I will make, I’m definitely not a pro in speaking English, but I’ll give my best.

Secondly: Sorry for all the layout changes, but I’m never really satisfied with how my blog looks like and I just want to try out different things. I quite like how it looks like at the moment so maybe it’ll stay like this. (lets be honest it will not.)


Finally, lets get to the recipe and the reason why you clicked on this post: the best tomato soup I’ve ever had.

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